My boyfriend is an artist, and had a big important gallery opening last night. This was my outfit. I never would have had the guts to wear a pencil skirt or crop top if it weren’t for you lovely ladies. I felt freaking awesome. Thank you!


VBO in the house !!! I’m so glad you made this a thing. Since I’m too lazy. <333

the original VBO queen


feeling pretty cute today 

feeling pretty cute today 

feeling pretty cute today 


feeling pretty cute today 


It’s Tuesday!
& I decided to dress this dress down!

Dress: Ross 1X- $9.99

Shoes: Rainbow - $12.99

Vest: Rainbow 2X - $24.99

Necklace: Forever21 - $6.80


Repeat after me:
My body is not wrong, or ugly, too big or too thin, too pale or too dark, too broken or too strong. It is the vessel of a precious life and that is enough.

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Bashing it up Jersey style.


Anonymous asked:

I really hope this doesn't come out wrong or that I offend anyone, but I think it's important to share. My weight's drastically fluctuated for years (from 125 to, now, 185 and I stand at 5'2). No matter how small I've been, I've hated my stomach for its rolls. I've been feeling terrible about myself since gaining weight especially since it's approaching summer. But seeing all these beautiful people not giving a fuck is rubbing off on me. This blog is so important. Thank you for creating it.


Seeing bodies that look like yours is so fucking important!!!

Despite the fact that fat is not an ethic, when you’re looking outside of the fat posi community, fat bodies are usually used within a context of morality and a rhetoric of shame. Seeing that connection made over and over usually makes that association with fat an automatic reaction, which leads to self-hate that runs deep if you happen to have a fat body. 

But when you can see fat bodies, visible bellies, double chins, that are operating not only without negative connotation, but with actual positivity, you can unlearn the shame. You start to associate your body with smiles, confidence, style, joy, love, life, fabulousness, success, fashion, sensuality… and it starts to replace the feelings of hate. Gradually at first, but building on itself. Then one day you realize how beautiful the soft curve of your rolls is, how unique and astonishing your body is as it grows with you and carries you throughout life, how there is no wrong way to have a body and how you don’t owe it to anyone for your body to look any way other than exactly how it looks now.

I swear it’s like my personal mission to help people discover that their bodies are not wrong. I’m so happy that it’s working.


alivstory asked:

literally reading this blog i was feeling more and more stressed because i've spent most of my life avoiding a VBO and i kept picturing myself in this fuck awesome dress i wore on christmas eve that i hated the pictures of because you see my stomach. my stomach is part of me, another awesome, curved, ridiculously lovely part of me. sending love to you for helping me find my self love for my ENTIRE (sexy, awesome) body.


yessss! YES! your belly is just another part of your rad, gorgeous self! 


All about the vbo and horizontal stripes ♥


Ready 4 adventure. Trying real hard to embrace the #vbo



imageHere is everybody’s favorite mermaid dress from SimplyBe!  After seeing this dress on so many amazing plus size fashion bloggers, I had to splurge and get it.  I honestly rarely spend more than $30 on an item of clothing so this was a big present to myself  This dress was so popular, I checked about five times a day for over a month to wait for my size to come in.  It never did.  I had read there was some stretch to it, and I never saw larger sizes come back in stock, so I bit the bullet and bought it in a US size 20, when I usually wear a 26.  It is very tight in the arms and it is kind of a struggle to get it on, but it worked!  I hate that I look so sad in this picture because I definitely felt like some kind of sea princess in it.  The VBO is something I am really trying to get used to seeing on myself because it was something I tried so hard to hide in the past.  I’m embracing body positivity in a big way!