You could say that Adipositivity is a means of creating a new kind of beauty, or appreciating beauty. I don’t think that beauty is the only thing going on in the pictures, they are also about flaunting fat, sometimes quietly and shyly, sometimes not. I love that the photographs are ‘positive’ but that they are never trite or monodimensional, ‘positive role models’ is an expression that makes me want to burn and rob, and I never get that feeling looking at these images. Instead they suggest another way of being, a richer way of considering fat embodiment. There is nothing apologetic or placatory about them and I think that this is because they are not necessarily created by and for ‘them’, but by and for ‘us’. Whenever I come across the photographs they make me want to climb inside the frame and inhabit the world in which they were taken, I’ve been lucky enough for this to actually happen to me.

Posing for Substantia Jones | Obesity Timebomb